Christmas 2015

The past week is a whirlwind. The only reason I know what day it is is because I had to be at work this morning. Let me give you a quick recap.

Christmas Eve kisses underneath the mistletoe!

I took the 23rd and 24th off just to try to get organized and  to wrap nearly every single gift I was giving be cause I of course, had left all of that to the last minute. I had coffee with my mom, my aunt, and one of my old grade school teachers on the 23rd, spent the entire afternoon wrapping presents, then Cody and I went driving around town looking at everyone’s Christmas lights.

The first thing we did on Christmas Eve morning was exchange pajamas as soon as Cody arrived at my house. I gave Cody a pair of grey flannel PJ pants with snowmen on them and a black sleep shirt, and he gave me a pair of pink and black plaid PJ pants with a matching black top (I love them!) We spent the afternoon over at his sisters house with her, her husband, and their son. We chatted and played for quite a while before we had to get going. My aunt was hosting our annual Christmas Eve family get-together where we eat way too many appetizers and a giant pot of clam chowder, reminisce, watch The Grinch (the original cartoon version, not the creepy Jim Carey one), and stuff dessert in the remaining space in our stomachs, and we couldn’t be late for that. We had such a nice time, and I especially loved the reminiscing this year. There is something so comforting about old memories.

We both spent Christmas morning with our families, then Cody came over for brunch with mine, we exchanged our gifts to each other and with my family, then headed over to Cody’s sister’s, still wearing our pajamas to do the same with his family. We hung out there for a little over an hour before I had to head back to my house to change and head over to my Uncle’s for Christmas dinner. Cody spend the evening with his family, and I with mine, and then I received a text from both Cody and his sister telling me to come over afterwards for a sleepover!

I arrived for the sleepover around 11:30pm and we didn’t get to sleep until 3:30am or something crazy like that.  I don’t even remember the last time I stayed up that late. We woke up the next morning and I spent hours playing with Cody’s youngest nephew. (It only took three days in a row of seeing me for him to finally warm up to me! Finally!) Cody and I left his sister’s house around noon, ended up getting Chinese food and crashing for a 2 hour nap. Riveting, I know. We met back up with his family that evening to get dinner and celebrate Cody’s other nephew’s birthday. (Why is watching kids open presents so much fun??) We played games until 12:30am when we all finally parted ways.

Sunday, Cody and I finally went on that ice skating date we keep talking about, and we ended the long weekend with Sunday night dinner with my family.

Like I said, a whirlwind. But one filled with lots of family, love, and laughter. I hope you all made some wonderful Christmas memories that you will treasure forever as well!

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Cody trying to get the mini drone I bought him to fly.

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My mom made the table gorgeous for brunch!

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Cody surprised me and spoiled me way too much!

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Starting the morning off right!

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My aunt has the cutest mugs!



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