Our December To Do List

December is probably one of my favorite months…Okay, it is my absolute favorite month. I’m a December baby. There’s finally a chill in the air here in California. Lights everywhere. And of course, Christmas.

I know we are already at least halfway through the month, but here are a few items that have been on our December to-do list from the start.

  1. Attend a tree lighting ceremony – We attended a very lame one last year, and unfortunately we missed all of our chances this year due to work and school schedules. Next year will be the year!
  2. Go to Christmas in the Park – Downtown San Jose puts together this amazing winter wonderland with musical and animated exhibits, glittering lights, a 60-foot Community Giving Tree, an outdoor ice rink, and carnival rides that is open all month long. It’s a must.
  3. Go Ice Skating – We have two options: indoor ice rink or outdoor ice rink at Christmas in the Park. But do we really want to be super sore for days? I think it might be worth it…
  4. Drive through Fantasy of Lights – Vasona Park creates a 1.5 mile drive-through holiday lights and display entertainment complete with a Christmas music radio station you can tune into!
  5. Cuddle & watch all of the Christmas movies – All of them you guys. Multiple times.
  6. Decorate Christmas trees with our families – We have already done this and had two Christmas-filled evenings: one with my family and one with Cody’s!
  7. Drive around town looking at everyone’s Christmas lights – make some hot chocolate, take it to go, drive around aimlessly judging other people’s decorations and deciding what we might want to do one day when we have a house…what’s not to love?
  8. Bake cookies…lots of cookies– I do this every year with my mom and my aunt, and this year we also baked with Cody’s side of the family!
  9. Drink out of all of the Christmas mugs I have started collecting – because they’re all just so dang cute. I can’t stop buying Christmas mugs you guys. It seems to have become an addiction.
  10. Figure out what the heck to get everyone for Christmas – This may take some time…some of our relatives are extremely easy to buy for, while others just completely stump us. We’re still working on it.
  11. Exchange pajamas on Christmas Eve – My mom always made me a set of Christmas pajamas to wear throughout the month when I was younger. Cody’s family would all get pajamas on Christmas Eve. So last year, Cody wanted to start that tradition between the two of us and I happily agreed!
  12. Take a picture underneath mistletoe – I bought some real mistletoe when we bought our tree, and this year I will get my cliché picture, dammit!

Basically, we really just want to take in everything that this season has to offer. What’s on your December to do list?



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