When choosing our wedding invitations, I had a certain look and vibe that I was going for. I knew I wanted them to be elegant and simple, yet really tie into our wedding. I looked at all of the different sites and all of the options for months but I… View Post


For anyone, this would be a long story. Maybe you had a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe your best friend didn’t show up. Maybe this is your normal secret hideaway. Maybe your entire life is falling apart and this is it for you right now. But the bottom… View Post

We all deal with stress and/or anxiety on some level. Some more than others, sometimes at certain times in our lives and sometimes consistently. The important thing is that we learn how to deal with it properly – something I am still very much working on. But once we can… View Post

Let’s chat. Do you feel fulfillment from yourself – the things you do, the thoughts you have, the vibe you put out into the world? If so, then that’s freaking awesome and you should be damn proud. But some of us have this tendency to rely on other people to… View Post