Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything I ever could have wanted. We spent months creating the vibe, picking out linens, searching for accents and details to pull it all together, and it was well worth it. You’ve already seen the cake and the special lantern and other sentimental pieces,… View Post


Our rehearsal was both nerve-wracking and fun. We finally had our entire wedding party (all but one) together again and everything was suddenly becoming so real. Sitting with the day-of coordinators and going over all of our details and what we brought and how things were going to go was… View Post

There were a few extra special things that we had in our wedding (besides my something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue). Mostly sentimental and very important to us. The first was having our florist wrap the pearl necklace my grandma had given me around my bouquet. If you’ve… View Post

My mom threw my bridal shower with the help of my sister-in-law and aunt. It was covered in pink, glitter and glam. It was so pretty. The invitations were sweet and girly, thanks to my mom. The decor and the food followed the lovely pink theme and blew me away… View Post