Cooper Turns One!

On April 15th, 2019 our first little fur baby turned one year old! Oh how time flies. And in July we will have had our sweet little pup in our lives for an entire year. I’m an “extra” dog mom, so of course, I baked him a doggy cake, spoiled him rotten and even took pictures.

Cooper is still the sweet, silly little puppy that he always has been, but he’s definitely grown up and into his “teenage” phase. He’s found his big boy bark, has gotten better at social queues and communicating with other dogs and has even grown a bit longer and filled in around his middle (in a very healthy way, not overweight at all). He’s growing his fur faster so we are seeing that long-haired dachshund come out. He’s spunky and a cuddle bug, talks back and enjoys walks and playing with other dogs as well as meditating with me! He’s the sweetest boy and we couldn’t be happier or have more love for him if we tried.


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