Loving Lately: Doggy Addition!

We’ve had Cooper for a little while now and have been learning his personality as he grows into it, what he likes and doesn’t like, what works for him and what doesn’t and we’ve come across some products and activities that we really like for him so I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Antlers instead of bully sticks
    Antlers don’t smell or get all gross as he chews on them like bully sticks do. And he enjoys it just the same. Makes it easier for travel, they don’t stink (better for the office, in bags, etc.), and you can get smaller split ones if you have a smaller dog, which is what we did for Cooper. Also – a teething lifesaver.img_2831.jpg
  • Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo
    We all know I love Young Living, so when we got Cooper I knew I wanted him to live a less toxic life just like us. This shampoo smells amazing with calming scents, is non-toxic, and does the trick for bath time. It’s highly concentrated, so you only really need a little to lather up some suds, especially on a small dog like Cooper. So far we’re happy with our purchase.
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  • PetSmart Puppy Training Class
    Cooper just graduated and it was honestly such a helpful course – for all three of us. He was shy at first but really opened up (it’s great for socializing with other people and dogs), and by the end all he wanted to do was be the teacher’s pet. Our instructor Devyn did an amazing job and really helped us out with any challenges or questions that we had. We intend to enroll him in the next level course as soon as we’ve worked a bit more with him on what he’s learned so far.
  • Yeti Dog Chew
    My friend who has a dog got this for Cooper as a welcome gift and it took him a while to catch on but now he loves it. It’s long-lasting, great for teething as well, and doesn’t stink or make a mess.
  • Socialization
    SO important. So we’ve been doing our best to take Cooper out with us, meet other dogs, his doggy cousins included, and have him meet as many people and dogs as possible. As well as outings to get him used to different environments.


    I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all as Cooper grows and we learn! Let me know your favorite doggy products or activities in the comments down below.


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