Thought Dump – Commitment

Commitment. To yourself, to someone else, it’s a major thing.

We make commitments big and small, every day and they carry weight. Marriages, lunch dates, deadline agreements at the office, the list goes on and on.

Why do we make these commitments? And why do we have weaknesses regarding some of them – are they genetic or are they grown from needs and desires? Or is it a combination?

“If you’re interested, you’ll do what is convenient; if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.” — John Assaraf #WiseWords

Why do we make commitments to other people and ourselves? Sometimes we do it completely believing we can keep it and we can do it and it’s tried and true – and other times we do it knowing it may not work, knowing we may fail. What makes us so confident in the first scenario? And what makes us keep doing committing in the second? Do we just want to believe we can do it or do some like the thrill of knowing it’ll never actually work out?

Is it different or the same for everyone? Is it different if the commitment is for or with different people or different things? For ourselves? What percentage of the population? What percentage of men vs. women? What makes us even think we can commit to anything in the first place? And does the timing make a difference? Committing forever or for just a certain amount of time? What factors play into our commitment, real, fake, long or short?

These are the questions I have. What are your thoughts?

But then you get those magical moments and people who stay 110% committed and very rarely let you or themselves down. Those people and times should be cherished, for the rest of the world it seems, is full of let downs, what-ifs, and questions of what could have been.

Commitment 2


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