Cake Tasting

We were so looking forward to going cake tasting – especially after looking at all the flavors that Wente had to offer. We were also really excited to include Cody’s dad in this part of the planning because up until then, it was mostly my parents helping us out and coming to the coordinator meetings.

We brought my both parents and Cody’s dad and sat in a little room in the back of the Wente catering office to figure out what flavor (or flavors) of cake we would have at our wedding and what we wanted that cake to look like. Going into the tasting I was almost certain I was going to end up wanting the champagne flavor with strawberries – I mean doesn’t that sound so incredibly fancy and romantic? But in the end that one didn’t end up doing anything for me. They had so many flavors to choose from! Some with peanut butter, some with coffee, lemon curd, red velvet, and even a birthday cake flavor with sprinkles that tasted so good it almost made the cut!

IMG_2046 edit


I already knew exactly what I wanted our cake to look like from looking at Pinterest photos. I wanted all three tiers to have what’s called a “rustic horizontal spatula texture” with our sparkly gold cake topper we ordered and flowers from our florist cascading down the cake. Luckily, Cody loved the look too so we went with it.

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Now for the flavors: we ended up going with a three-tiered cake with two tiers (top and bottom) of the devil’s food cake with chocolate mousse filling and raspberry puree and one tier (the middle) of pound cake with cream cheese filling and raspberry puree. Both were to die for, but of course the devil’s food was my favorite.

In all honesty though, we barely got any of our cake at the reception. We were having so much fun dancing that by the time we were told to get ready for our exit, we realized we hadn’t gotten to eat our own cake! There was so much going on and all I remember is Cody rushing to shovel a big bite of each flavor in to my mouth before we had to run out the door and say goodbye to our friends and family and the most magical night of our lives.

We did save the top tier though, but not for our one year anniversary. At the suggestion of my mom, we decided to forgo the freezer burn and actually enjoy our cake. We ate it when we got back from our honeymoon and had our immediate family over to celebrate as we opened up our wedding gifts. And boy, was it delicious!


The cake itself turned out absolutely beautiful. I almost didn’t want to cut into it at the wedding! It was everything I wanted and more. Between the Wente catering staff and The Flower House’s flowers, it was perfect.

Wedding Cake

Cutting the Cake

I hope you’re enjoying reading this wedding series just as much as I am enjoying reliving it all. I’ve still got quite a bit to recap, so stay tuned for more!


Cake Topper: LaserTree
Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios
Floral Decor for Cake: Jinger at the Flower House
Cake: Wente Catering
Location: Murrieta’s Well

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  1. March 14, 2018 / 2:01 am

    Cake testing is going to be my fiancé’s favorite part of the wedding planning process!😂💍💖 —

    • Amberlee
      March 14, 2018 / 3:12 pm

      Haha, I think the menu and cake tasting was my husband’s favorite for sure. Its so much fun!

    • Amberlee
      April 10, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Right?! It was such a fun experience! And thank you so much! 🙂

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