A Little Chat About Wasting Energy

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a post from one of my old attempts at a blog. I wrote this back in 2013, recently came across it and realized that it is still so relevant in my life – and probably in many people’s lives.

So let’s talk about wasting energy. I don’t mean electricity or power, I mean your energy. I’m talking about holding onto things that don’t need to matter anymore and wasting energy that you could be using to enjoy life. Holding grudges, seeking revenge, hating people – these are all things that suck the energy right out of us. Why keep hating someone who made a mistake over a year ago? People make mistakes. People mess up, they get confused. But people also grow up, and change, and learn from their mistakes. The person you’re hating is probably not that same person today.

Let go of unnecessary anger. Stop talking bad about people you no longer really know. Give someone a second chance. Wouldn’t you want one if you made a mistake? The world would be such a better place if we could just forgive a little more for happenings that are not life or death. And you don’t necessarily need to keep that person in your life, and you don’t need to love them…but you certainly don’t need to waste your time and energy disliking them. So next time you find yourself judging someone on something they’ve done in the past, take a deep breath and let it go. Be the bigger person. It’s not worth your time.

And you know what? I’m pretty sure the world could use a little more forgiveness and love than hate. We’ve already got way too much of that going around.


I hope you found this useful or hopefully at least one part of this spoke to your soul a bit. I’d love a discussion down in the comments if you have anything to add, any thoughts on the topic, or any personal experience with wasting your very precious energy.



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