Loving Lately: Doggy Addition – February 2019

As Cooper turns 10 months old, I figured it might be time for another Doggy Addition of what we’re “Loving Lately”. So here’s a peek at what we’ve been using and really loving these days.

  1. Wet Noses Treats
    I tried this brand out for some Valentine’s Day treats for Cooper and he loves them. Plus the ingredients are great and you can get them through their site, Chewy.com, and even Amazon seems to sell them. img_5457-1.jpgimg_5297-1.jpg
  2. Dr. Lyon’s Dental Treats
    As Cooper is getting older, I wanted to start doing something for his teeth. Obviously we are going to get them cleaned properly now that he has his big boy teeth in, but for now we are starting to try out some care for between cleanings and decided to test this one. So far Cooper looks forward to “brushing his teeth”. They’re grain free and the ingredients are pretty good, it has a minty smell so it helps freshen his breath a little and the grooves in the treats are meant to help “brush/clean” as they chew.
  3. TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops
    Cooper’s breath can be awful after a bully stick or sometimes even when I can’t find a cause. But my friend who has had a dog for a while suggested drops that go in his water every now and then. So I picked this bottle up a few months ago at PetSmart and it works like a charm! I was worried Cooper wouldn’t drink the water with the drops in it but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all and has helped tremendously with his puppy breath. Looks like Chewy.com carries this brand as well.img_5629.jpg
  4. Bandannas (Mostly from Dapper Dexter)
    We’ve purchased several bandannas from this company and so far we’ve loved them. They have such cute sayings and are made well and they don’t take forever to ship like some other dog accessory companies. Bandannas are so cute and so easy to throw on for any occasion. We loved the Valentine’s Day ones and we just got our St. Patrick’s Day ones in the mail!
  5. Extra Puppy Snuggles
    With the rain and wind chill we’ve been getting lately its been extra cold both inside and outside the apartment so Cooper has discovered that he can burrow under the covers with us to keep warm. His cute little face and how he cuddles on my shoulder makes it extremely difficult to get out of bed on these chilly mornings.

I’d love to hear what you and your furry friends are loving lately so feel free to share in the comments below!


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