Our Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal was both nerve-wracking and fun. We finally had our entire wedding party (all but one) together again and everything was suddenly becoming so real. Sitting with the day-of coordinators and going over all of our details and what we brought and how things were going to go was so surreal. We had spent a year and a half planning this wedding and it was finally about to happen.

I of course, was so excited I had a personalized Snapchat filter made for the occasion from MistyMossDesigns.

Here’s a shot of us arriving to the venue.


I was starting to get nervous so we took the rehearsal part very seriously. I wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable with their part – including Cody and I.

We went through the whole thing about three times, just to make sure we had it down.

And we had some fun with family.23131726_1958733437472039_4423629068046284644_n

And there was some goofing around of course.23131691_1958733584138691_1951825601084526063_n

And lots of love to go around.23130870_1958734490805267_1186313416363130180_n23032897_1958733520805364_9174502746755208163_n23167871_1958735514138498_4262065474652441019_n

Here’s a shot of all of us, excited and ready to head out for dinner to celebrate!22815583_1943714385640611_3108462648613188184_n

A few of us headed to an arcade to play some games to kill time, while others stopped by their hotel. But then we all met up at Campo di Bocce for our rehearsal dinner. When we arrived it was decorated so sweetly and my parents even had a personalized bottle of wine for us! We are saving it for a very special occasion.


The food and service were amazing and everyone had such a great time. Speeches were made, we gave our bridal party their gifts and we spent the evening celebrating our love and our loved ones being there with us.


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