My Bridal Shower

My mom threw my bridal shower with the help of my sister-in-law and aunt. It was covered in pink, glitter and glam. It was so pretty.

The invitations were sweet and girly, thanks to my mom.

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The decor and the food followed the lovely pink theme and blew me away when I walked in. My mom, aunts, sister-in-law, cousin, and even my uncle and one of my mom’s friends all pitched in to make this the most perfect and beautiful bridal shower ever. I could not be more grateful for all of the work they put into it.

My future uncle and officiant even made this welcome sign!


My mom had each of my bridesmaids write something about me and hung them all up. It was so sweet it almost made me cry. DSC_1420


My mom made a gorgeous banner, glued mini veils onto some “Dazzling Diamond” hand sanitizer and had pretty wrapped candles as party favors. My sister-in-law even had a photo from our engagement shoot blown up as a decoration and gift.


Then there was the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen (besides our wedding cake).

There were also wedding dress cookies made by my mom’s friend Donna and chocolate covered strawberries picked up by my aunt.

And then my childhood bestie surprised the heck out of me by flying in from Colorado with her mom to come to my shower since she was pregnant and her due date was too close to my wedding to attend. I was shocked that everyone kept this secret – even Cody! This honestly made my day.



There were of course games, including one where the bridesmaids had to make dresses out of tool & flowers. They actually didn’t turn out too bad!


And of course my cousin and I commemorated being engaged at the same time.


Then I opened some gifts and Cody came, flowers in hand and joined me for the rest of the gift opening and dessert. We were blown away by the love we received from everyone and felt so blessed to be gifted so many things from both on and off our registry that we really needed and loved.


Then there was this adorable sign! Everyone who came took a photo with me, but here are just a few of my mom, bridesmaids and aunts.


It was such a lovely party and it turned out stunning. I loved having all of my favorite ladies with me, my best friends, family, future family, even my 2nd and 6th grade teachers! I felt so loved and so grateful to have these women in my life and to help me celebrate my upcoming wedding.



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