Cody’s Bachelor Party – From His Point of View

My bachelor party was a good time. I got to spend time with the guys closest to me, and have a full day of activities. It is no secret to most people that am a huge Marvel Comics fan, so my brother (Best Man) surprised me with a Captain America logo shirt, and had all of the groomsmen wearing shirts with the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol on it. We looked awesome!

The night before the bachelor party, (the ones that came up the night before) just hung out and played some board games.


The next morning, we met up with the rest of the guys, and went over to the local gun range. My dad went with us as well, as he supplied most of our guns to shoot with. Needless to say, we had a blast!



When we finished up at the range, we asked another group that was there to take our picture. After taking the picture, they asked why we were all wearing matching shirts, and we said it was my bachelor party. Little did we know, those guys were also celebrating a bachelor party! We had a good talk and a good laugh then said our goodbyes.


After shooting, we were hungry, so we obviously stopped for burritos. After lunch, we headed to our second stop of the day – LeMans Raceway in Fremont, for Go-Karting. We all arrived and went in to put down our names, and who did we see there? The same group of guys from the shooting range had made their second stop go-karting too! Small world. After yet another good laugh, we all suited up and burnt rubber on the raceway. Mitch did get the top spot, but I placed in the top 3 of our group. We chatted with the other bachelor party again and wished him and his bride a happy life together.


After racing, we all went to our hotel to throw our bags in the rooms, and then went out to meet the girls for dinner. Amberlee had her bachelorette party on the same day. It was a nice dinner, as our whole bridal party got to enjoy a nice meal, and chats, and laughs before having to walk down the isle together.

IMG_0992 (1)

After dinner we split from the ladies and went back to the hotel. Once getting there the boys surprised me again, and had gotten me gifts. They all gave me different tools and while giving them to me, gave me some life lessons about getting married and being a good husband.

IMG_0997 (1)

The rest of night included more board games, and a night-time adventure to get some drinks. It was a good night spending time with the people I truly can call my best friends. It was a perfect day of celebrating and I am very thankful for my groomsmen for setting up a great day of hanging out.

– Cody

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