Wedding Dress Appreciation Post

When I first started to think about what kind of wedding dress I might want, I never thought I’d end up with a poofy, heavy, detailed dress. I imagined a more elegant lace boho look with a simple light, flowy skirt. But the second I tried on that Dawnelle dress by Sottero & Midgley  at Janene’s Bridal Boutique I started to tear up. It just felt right. I honestly couldn’t have loved my wedding dress more – I felt like a princess the entire night. To read about my wedding dress search and how I said “yes to the dress” check out this post.

I finally have my hands on the professional photos from our wedding so I thought I’d show a little more appreciation for this beautiful gown, before I end up like the ladies in Friends sitting in my wedding gown on the couch just to wear it one last time…

Image result for friends wedding dress

…Don’t think I haven’t considered it…

But without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite photos of my wedding dress.

Petty [Details]-2

Petty [Details]-3

Petty [Getting Ready]-53

Petty [Newlies]-109

Petty [Newlies]-101

Petty [Newlies]-367


Dress: Dawnelle by Sottero & Midgley from Janene’s Bridal Boutique
Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios
Vineyard Location: Murrieta’s Well 

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