My First Reiki Session Ever (with Nahanni Riversong)

The Build Up

I have been interested in Reiki as an alternative healing modality for a while now, but was always too nervous to just pick someone to go to, and nervous about the process itself. But when a longtime friend who I trusted recommended Nahanni Riversong for body work (whatever that was, I wasn’t sure) I felt compelled to look into it. I waited a couple of weeks, mulling it over before looking her up and when I finally did I was glad to find out that she also performs reiki.

I reached out to Nahanni and we ended up connecting via a 20 minute phone call where we were both so open and she eased my nerves without putting any pressure on me at all, so I ended up booking a session for reiki and craniosacral therapy for later that week. I instantly felt a connection with her, trusted her, and boy was I excited.


The Session

When I showed up at Nahanni’s space located on Main Street in Los Altos, She greeted me with such kindness and a calmness about her that I hope to one day achieve myself. We sat down and she asked me to tell her a little bit about what is going on in my life right now and what I’m looking for. So I did. And then she opened up about how she views both life and her practice and how she understands life’s “owies” and “oh shits”. She spoke about how everything happens for a reason and how the bad things in life don’t have to be bad, they can be beautiful experiences if we only choose and work to see them that way. She doesn’t consider herself above me or anyone, and told me that we are going to do this together, because that is where healing really happens, when you and someone who cares walk through it together. We talked for a long time and I was so enamored with the way she sees life and comes from a place of love and spirit, yet she brings science into it as well and is so real and down to earth. With these types of things, some people worry that they’re walking into some crazy “woo woo” place but I promise you with Nahanni you are not.

She went over the process and what was going to happen before I even got on the table so I felt very comfortable moving forward with the session. I took off my jewelry and my sweater (this is very noninvasive so you keep your clothes on) and hopped on the table laying face down. She softly asked if I was comfortable and told me to let her know if there is anything I need. Then she gently adjusted my arms and legs and got to work. She put her hands all over my back, pressing very softly and holding for a while, letting the energy flow. It took me a while to fully relax, not because of Nahanni, but because these days there is just so much tension in my body – part of the reason I was interested in reiki in the first place.

By the time she had me slowly turn over to lay on my back, I was feeling pretty relaxed. She continued to do the same soft pressing energy/bodywork and I’m telling you, I began to go to another place. It was like I was sort of floating but not really, and sort of half asleep but not completely. I knew what was happening but I was also having lucid dreams – quick mini dreams that didn’t seem to be of any significance that I can’t even remember now. But the feeling I had was such a safe, relaxed, other-level feeling. And then my foot twitched a few times, which Nahanni explained to me later can be a way of the body showing that release is happening. At one point I even made a soft noise as a release as well. I was in dreamland and aware that my foot was twitching but I didn’t care, I was so relaxed and so open to accepting the healing that might be happening. She then came to my head and did some craniosacral therapy softly lifting and gently pressing on my head and neck, moving it around ever so slightly.

When Nahanni softly told me to begin to feel my body and come back to the room I was sad it was over, but in such a calm state that I felt like I was already vibrating higher, even all the way home. She told me to take my time sitting up and getting my footing and gave me a water bottle. She instructed me to drink a lot of water that night to assist anything that needs to be flushed out and released. Before I left I asked her if I could give her a hug and she said of course. I just felt so connected to what she stands for, and so grateful for this experience and opportunity that a hug was the only way to express it at that point.

Today’s Update

I still see Nahanni regularly and look forward to each and every session. The lavender essential oil, the soft music, and the healing place she helps me get to leaves me feeling different each time. I am so open to receiving that I believe this must mean that different things are being worked on. Sometimes I’ll feel a sort of “high” afterwards, sometimes I’ll have energy and feel amazing. Other times I’m really calm and tired or weak, and then there are the times I just have this gut feeling that a lot of work was just done within me.

If there was any advice I could give to someone looking into this type of modality it would be to first and foremost make sure that you are ready and open to receive the healing energy, and ready to do the work that needs to be done on your end as well. I would also advise you to check references and/or reviews, or get a recommendation from someone you really trust, as well as having a conversation with the person who would be performing the work on you beforehand.

I’m so grateful that reiki made its way into my life and I hope this post helps anyone who is on the fence about trying this as a healing modality to take a close look or a leap of faith.

Nahanni’s Services & Prices

Right now Nahanni offers a variety of services and you can see these and their prices listed below.

She is always learning and searching for new modalities to better serve herself and her clients, so these are subject to change in the coming months and years – and I can already tell you I’m very excited about the prospect of one of them!

  • 1 Hour of Energy Work – $125
  • Flower Essence Blend (consultation and the blend itself) – $135
    – Flower Essence Recheck – $45
    – If a whole new blend needs to be made – $45
  • 1 Hour of Massage for Women – $145
  • 1 Hour of Massage for Men – $155

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