Bridal Shower Gift: Wedding Advent Calendar

Spring has sprung which means the most popular wedding season has officially begun! I myself was just in a wedding this past weekend, so as you can imagine I was involved in all of the festivities, starting with the bridal shower.

I wracked my brain for something extra special to gift this particular bride and thanks to Pinterest, I came up with the perfect present: an advent calendar. A 10 day countdown of gifts for the bride to be!

  • 10 Days Until I Do: Mini champagne – pop the bubbly and celebrate! 10 days until you get to marry the love of your life!
  • 9 Days Until I Do: Lip balm & some champagne flavored gum – for all of the extra smooching you’ll be doing.
  • 8 Days Until I Do: A picture frame – you’re going to have a lot of beautiful photos to display very soon!
  • 7 Days Until I Do: Romantic smelling scrub – pamper your body a bit – you deserve it!
  • 6 Days Until I Do: A heart shaped wine bottle stopper – for all of the celebrations you’ll have throughout your life together – aka all of the reason’s you’ll have to open a bottle of wine.
  • 5 Days Until I Do: A Starbucks gift card – It’s getting so close! You’re head might be spinning with last minute details and schedules – I prescribe you some coffee and a treat!
  • 4 Days Until I Do: Mini box of goldfish – gotta keep that energy up, carbs aren’t the enemy when they are in the form of smiling fish!
  • 3 Days Until I Do: 3 packs of Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (one for testing out, one for the day of the rehearsal dinner & one for the morning of the big day!) – Every bride wants to look and feel her very best on her big day and the special moments surrounding it. I used these for my wedding events and loved them!
  • 2 Days Until I Do: a bath bomb – things are probably getting a little hectic right about now, so take some time to yourself and have a nice soak.
  • 1 Day Until I Do: a pair of sexy panties – come on, you didn’t think I’d leave out something sexy did you?!


I apologize for the poor quality photo..I messed up my phone after taking some high quality photos of the board I made and all that was left was this. But you get the picture.


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