So You Ended Up at a Bar Alone…

For anyone, this would be a long story. Maybe you had a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe your best friend didn’t show up. Maybe this is your normal secret hideaway. Maybe your entire life is falling apart and this is it for you right now.

But the bottom line is you’re sitting in a bar all alone waiting for what? Maybe nothing, maybe a friend, maybe for Prince Charming or Princess Everything. Maybe you lock eyes with someone across the room and it’s fate…or you’re too scared to talk to them so you run out like Cinderella – boy or girl. Maybe you ordered the wrong beer so you’re just slowing sipping it like you like it and know what you wanted. Or maybe you’re hiding yourself in a phone or book or bible. Or maybe you’re watching the door hoping a certain someone will walk in and save you from yourself.

That doesn’t happen. None of it. You have to pick yourself up. “Life’s tough, get a helmet”. You can’t count on others, friends – they won’t always make time to be there. Sometimes you just end up in a bar alone. Wishing for a million things that will never happen. And you have to pick yourself up and walk out and move on. But I’m telling you it’s possible, maybe not right away, but eventually everything and anything is possible if you just believe and give yourself the credit you deserve.

You can’t and won’t always make everyone happy. And that’s got to be okay. Learn to make YOU happy and content. If you can master that, you’ve pretty much mastered life.

So good luck. Cheers. Here’s to hoping you don’t end up in a bar alone or feel the need to. You’ve got this.




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