Finding Myself in My Grandma

Let me start off by saying happy birthday Grandma! Your birthday is tomorrow and I hope you know that you are missed and loved and thought of daily. The lessons you taught me and our time spent together helped to shape me and make me the person I am today and I am so grateful for that. ♥


I had heard stories about my grandma making her entire family, my mom and uncle included, go to meditation classes when they were younger. My grandma would watch psychics on Oprah, tell me we are all here to learn a lesson and talk about how our souls live different lives to learn a different lesson each time. She would ask someone to put a hand on her when she was in pain, and would talk about all of the negative ions in Morro Bay and how good it was for us (it was our special place, and still is mine). The lesson part clicked, but the rest of it was under my radar until the past couple of years.

As I’ve begun to discover my spiritual side – Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, meditation, essential oils, energy work and healing, etc. everything began to click. My grandma was way more into this stuff than I ever knew. She was wiser than I ever knew. The Himalayan salt lamp I have – gives off negative ions. Putting your hand on someone – hello! Energy healing! Reiki! It’s a real thing! Meditation and a word or breath or intention to focus on is so popular now and so so helpful!


I think that if she were still alive while I’ve been learning about all of these holistic tools and modalities she would’ve loved it and been totally into it. We would have talked all about it and maybe she would have even tried some with me. I’m noticing more and more these days that I am more like my grandma than I thought and somehow I feel like we connect on this new level now, despite her not being physically here.

I wish she was here now to share my experiences and so I could tell her all about my acupuncture and reiki sessions, show her essential oils and buy her a salt lamp. Yet somehow, just knowing that we were more alike than I ever knew is comforting and I feel like things have come full circle and I was meant to go down this path.




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