Friday Favorites

Here are five of our favorites from this past week.

  1. Favorite Gesture – I received this new wine as a gift from a sweet an acquaintance at work, so of course we tried it as soon as we got a chance! (We enjoyed it)

  2. Favorite Activity – Spending time with some family at an art & wine festival (Can you tell we like festivals?)
  3. Favorite Dinner – Celebrating by going out to dinner to Macaroni Grill with my parents (We love family and Italian food, and any excuse to sip wine is always welcome)

    Macaroni Grill
  4. Favorite Surprise – An intense (and mostly dry) thunder and lightening storm (Not going to lie, it was a little scary)
  5. Favorite First – Making and trying our first Moscow Mule (it was delicious, and now we need to buy these cups to make them in)
    Moscow Mule



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