Gilroy Garlic Festival 2015

This past weekend we made our way to the Gilroy Garlic Festival with my aunt and her friend – a first for all of us! The drive to Gilroy was pretty easy. We had expected loads of traffic but hit none at all – probably because we went on Sunday, the last day of the festival, and most people had already gone so we were able to get there right as it opened. Apparently for Gilroy, it was a pretty cool day temperature-wise…but to us, it was HOT. I mean, we were melting! And the festival was huge! There were so many food booths, activities, stages, vendors, and people!

Cody and I headed straight for the wine tent – we knew what we wanted the second we saw it on the map! We got our first taste, my aunt and her friend each grabbed a spiked sundae to try, and then we walked all around, scoping out which food we would want to try throughout the day. There was pasta, bread, kabobs, different meats, corn, and more! But of course, the very first food item we all got was garlic fries, duh! And let me tell you, they were delicious. My aunt and Cody were brave enough to try the rock climbing wall (heights pretty much terrify me), and they loved it! We walked to the shopping area and checked out all of those tents, grabbed margaritas (which didn’t taste like they had any alcohol in them at all…disappointing) and headed over to watch the Chopped-esque cooking competition. That took an hour and we left before we even saw who won because to be honest, you couldn’t see much and it was pretty boring most of the time – nothing like the riveting Food Network show. We made our way to pick up some more wine (we got different small taste tickets that we used throughout the day), then went on the hunt for food. Cody got some kind of fish and some jambalaya, I got some pasta, garlic bread, and corn, and my aunt got some corn, some alligator, and a turkey leg. All of the food was pretty amazing. Cody and my aunt went for round two of rock climbing, and then we ended the day with frozen chocolate covered fruit kabobs and purchasing some flavor enhanced olive oils – because let’s face it, you can’t leave and event like the Gilroy Garlic Festival without buying some sort of food/cooking product to use at home!

Unfortunately, I was a terrible photographer and did not remember to take pictures of any of the food with actual garlic in it…yes, at the Garlic Festival, I know. But I did snap a few photos of other things throughout the day.

Have any of you been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival? Were any of you there at the same time as we were? Or if you’re not from the area, do you have any event similar to the Garlic Festival near you? We would love to hear about it!



Sipping on margaritas that tasted like virgins!


Cody killin’ it!


She clearly had fun


My aunt rock climbing!


Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas with Oreo cookie crumbles


He had a blast and was a natural!


It was so hot!


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