San Jose Giants Game

So Cody scored some free merchant tickets from his work for the last night’s San Jose Giants game at Municipal Stadium. Free tickets? Of course we went! Why not?! Yes, it may only have been a minor league game, but its still good to get out and enjoy the atmosphere and a nice game of baseball. It was a perfect date for a summer evening.

We got there about 25 minutes early, leaving at 6:00pm for 7:00pm game. That left us enough time to get a feel for the place (neither one of us had been there since we were little), grab a couple drinks, and get some food. The weather was nice, about 75 degrees at the start, and cooled off just enough for me to put on a light jacket by the end of the first inning. We both got burgers to start, and some beer. We later gave into our cravings and bought some garlic fries (I couldn’t stand just smelling them all night), some nachos (just the cheese, with jalapeños on the side for Cody), churros, and another beer.

Here is a quick review of the food that we had at Municipal Stadium:

  • Burgers – Not good, but not terrible. Not much taste, not much to review. They had tri-tip sandwiches for sale and I think we should’ve opted for those.
  • Garlic Fries – Pretty good, smelled amazing, good amount of garlic, but really greasy.
  • Nachos – Really good. They weren’t anything special, just the usual ballpark cheese sauce from what I could tell, but for some reason they just hit the spot. Probably my favorite thing that we got.
  • Churros – I’m not a huge churro fan, I usually just take a couple bites for the heck of it, but Cody scarfed them down and was pretty happy.

By the end of the night we had eaten way more than we should have, and both ended up feeling a bit sick. Lesson learned…maybe. Lol.

The staff was very friendly, the woman selling the churros even called us back to give us a free one because it was the end of the night and she saw Cody give me a bite of his. The seats were clean from what I saw and the bleacher seating was pretty dang packed. Lots of families, good kid-friendly atmosphere for sure. There were a lot of games and contests between innings, and they had family fun activities as you enter the stadium such as bouncy houses, frisbee tosses, a batting cage, etc.  Parking cost us $10. We left at the 7th inning stretch because we had work the next morning and wanted to have time to wind down together before I had to go home for the night. (Yes, we sound like an old couple, but we don’t mind.) It was a lot of fun and a great little outing.



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