As Cooper turns 10 months old, I figured it might be time for another Doggy Addition of what we’re “Loving Lately”. So here’s a peek at what we’ve been using and really loving these days.

  1. Wet Noses Treats
    I tried this brand out for some Valentine’s Day treats for Cooper and he loves them. Plus the ingredients are great and you can get them through their site,, and even Amazon seems to sell them. img_5457-1.jpgimg_5297-1.jpg
  2. Dr. Lyon’s Dental Treats
    As Cooper is getting older, I wanted to start doing something for his teeth. Obviously we are going to get them cleaned properly now that he has his big boy teeth in, but for now we are starting to try out some care for between cleanings and decided to test this one. So far Cooper looks forward to “brushing his teeth”. They’re grain free and the ingredients are pretty good, it has a minty smell so it helps freshen his breath a little and the grooves in the treats are meant to help “brush/clean” as they chew.
  3. TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops
    Cooper’s breath can be awful after a bully stick or sometimes even when I can’t find a cause. But my friend who has had a dog for a while suggested drops that go in his water every now and then. So I picked this bottle up a few months ago at PetSmart and it works like a charm! I was worried Cooper wouldn’t drink the water with the drops in it but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all and has helped tremendously with his puppy breath. Looks like carries this brand as well.img_5629.jpg
  4. Bandannas (Mostly from Dapper Dexter)
    We’ve purchased several bandannas from this company and so far we’ve loved them. They have such cute sayings and are made well and they don’t take forever to ship like some other dog accessory companies. Bandannas are so cute and so easy to throw on for any occasion. We loved the Valentine’s Day ones and we just got our St. Patrick’s Day ones in the mail!
  5. Extra Puppy Snuggles
    With the rain and wind chill we’ve been getting lately its been extra cold both inside and outside the apartment so Cooper has discovered that he can burrow under the covers with us to keep warm. His cute little face and how he cuddles on my shoulder makes it extremely difficult to get out of bed on these chilly mornings.

I’d love to hear what you and your furry friends are loving lately so feel free to share in the comments below!


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How many times in our lives do we think this: “I’ll be happy when _________.”? When you get that degree, when your business is finally up and running, when you finally own a home, when you meet “the one”, when you’re married and settled down, when you get that dream job…the list goes on and on. So many of us, so often put our happiness on hold because we are waiting for this magical thing to happen that will supposedly make everything wonderful. News flash – that’s not how it works.

Happiness cannot be dependent on another person, thing, goal or experience. And here’s the good old phrase I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing: happiness has to come from within. I had to throw it in there because as annoying as it is, its true. Did you ever think that maybe sometimes we have to save ourselves…from ourselves?

Take a step back and stop thinking so hard about the future and look at what you already have. What do you have to be grateful for? You’ve got you, your mind and spirit, body and soul. You’ve got loved ones, maybe a pet, maybe a job that allows you to live your life and work towards your dreams. You can’t keep waiting for prince charming or some head hunter to come and make everything pretty. That’s part of your process and your journey and we need to learn to enjoy each of ours every step of the way.

I’m writing about this topic, because I myself am still very much working on it. But more and more it’s coming up as an obvious roadblock to happiness as I grow, figure out my new goals and reach toward them. Putting the present first is the key to happiness – take time to be thankful for what you do have, how far you’ve already gotten, and know that the world won’t end if your goal takes a little longer or eventually morphs into something else.

Again, still working on it myself. It’s no easy feat, but if you can just learn to look around you and flow, you can enjoy your journey just as much as your desired destination.




I’m just going to hop on board and call these intentions instead of New Year’s resolutions. I like the word better anyway, so let’s go with that. In my opinion, the key to intentions is to make at least some of them 100% attainable so that you know you can reach these goals and not stress too much over them. (Baby steps guys, baby steps). Then there are those intentions that borderline on manifesting – your big dreams, the things that get you out of your comfort zone, may be a little more difficult to reach and give you something to strive for. It’s still January, so I thought I’d share some of mine with you.

  1. Read at least 6 books this year.
    To be fair, I stole this one from Cody. But I’ve been meaning to read more anyway and never seem to make the time. This gives me two months per book – which is totally doable. I plan to switch out end of the night TV with reading and hopefully have a better state of mind from all of the amazing books I have started but never finished as well as a better wind down and good night’s sleep. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share what I’m reading in case you need some inspiration.
  2. Practice meditation daily.
    Even if it’s only 5 minutes in the morning or evening, I want to commit to this one because I really feel that it has the ability to help calm my mind and teach me to more easily center myself.
  3. Complete a workout and/or yoga flow at least three times a week.
    I hate working out. I’m not a runner, I hate the feeling of sweat until those endorphins kick in and I’m a super busy person. But I feel that three days a week isn’t too much to ask, and I know that it will help me feel better in the long run.
  4. Blog more consistently. 
    Starting off with once a week, then moving to two, then we will see where we end up with all of my work and life commitments but I am making an effort this year to ease myself into consistent blog posts!
  5. Keep it cleaner/simpler.
    That goes for everything. I want to keep the apartment neater, my life and schedule to have more flow, what I put in my body to be more clean and simple and organic when possible. I want to simplify and de-clutter my life, mind and body. So this intention is basically continuing what I’ve already started, but with even more flow and effort into some of the aspects. I’ll have to keep you updated on this one, seeing as I have a weakness for processed carbs and I’m pretty much as messy as it gets. But I have faith, I can do this!


So going into this year these are the main intentions that I’m setting for myself in hopes of leveling up some aspects of my life. Watch out 2019 – I’m comin’ for ya! I’d love to hear what you all have in mind for this year so feel free to share in the comments below!



Happy New Year! I know I haven’t posted in a while – I took a bit of  a holiday hiatus but I’m back and ready for a fresh new year! First, let me catch you up on just a little bit of what’s been going on since I last wrote.

We went on an anniversary trip to Carmel, CA (and took Cooper with us of course for his first trip to the beach!)

We took our first real family photo (shout out to my sister-in-law for her crazy good photography skills!)

Cooper was the cutest pumpkin for his first Halloween and my aunt went all out and threw a Harry Potter themed Halloween party.

We went on an couple’s trip with our cousins to DISNEYLAND! (And had an absolute blast of course.)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families, Cooper loved his taste of turkey leftovers and my sister-in-law and I figured out how to make gravy from scratch!

We took holiday card photos (again, thank you to my awesome sister-in-law!)

We picked out our Christmas tree and Cooper was a bit confused about it being in the house at first.

We attended Cody’s company holiday party at Levi’s Stadium – a dream come true for him!

I turned 27, and among other things, relaxed and had pizza and wine in the trunk of my car with my boys then, stemming from a joke, had a pink dachshund themed family get together (thanks to Cody and my mom haha.) Oh, and Cody made me a chocolate cream pie from scratch!

We celebrated Christmas!

And now here we are in the new year, ready for what 2019 has in store for us!




Oh my how this past year has flown by. As I’m writing this, Cody and I are a few days away from our one year anniversary. It’s crazy to think that a year ago I was at work for my last few days before becoming a wife. We had moved into our apartment and everything was getting very real. Now a year later, we’ve almost made it through that first year that everyone warns you is going to be insanely difficult. (Stay tuned for our post about what we’ve learned during our first year of marriage.)

In honor of it almost being time to celebrate one year as husband and wife, I thought I’d share some of our favorite photos from our bridal party and newlywed shoots.

Petty [Newlies]-137Petty [Newlies]-135Petty [Newlies]-163Petty [Newlies]-247Petty [Newlies]-223Petty [Newlies]-229Petty [Newlies]-329Petty [Newlies]-337Petty [Newlies]-331Petty [Newlies]-333Petty [Newlies]-369Petty [Newlies]-441Petty [Newlies]-149Petty [Newlies]-305Petty [Newlies]-289Petty [Newlies]-473Petty [Newlies]-479Petty [WP]-228Petty [WP]-245Petty [WP]-255Petty [WP]-259Petty [WP]-273Petty [WP]-205Petty [WP]-123Petty [WP]-219Petty [WP]-117Petty [WP]-49


Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

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