Oh my how this past year has flown by. As I’m writing this, Cody and I are a few days away from our one year anniversary. It’s crazy to think that a year ago I was at work for my last few days before becoming a wife. We had moved into our apartment and everything was getting very real. Now a year later, we’ve almost made it through that first year that everyone warns you is going to be insanely difficult. (Stay tuned for our post about what we’ve learned during our first year of marriage.)

In honor of it almost being time to celebrate one year as husband and wife, I thought I’d share some of our favorite photos from our bridal party and newlywed shoots.

Petty [Newlies]-137Petty [Newlies]-135Petty [Newlies]-163Petty [Newlies]-247Petty [Newlies]-223Petty [Newlies]-229Petty [Newlies]-329Petty [Newlies]-337Petty [Newlies]-331Petty [Newlies]-333Petty [Newlies]-369Petty [Newlies]-441Petty [Newlies]-149Petty [Newlies]-305Petty [Newlies]-289Petty [Newlies]-473Petty [Newlies]-479Petty [WP]-228Petty [WP]-245Petty [WP]-255Petty [WP]-259Petty [WP]-273Petty [WP]-205Petty [WP]-123Petty [WP]-219Petty [WP]-117Petty [WP]-49


Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

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Let’s have a little chat about breaking hearts.


If you are going to hurt someone emotionally in any way, there is a way it needs to be handled. Whether you were in a serious relationship, just talking, having a casual relationship, etc. You need to man or woman up and handle it respectfully. From my experience, I’ve come up with a few guidelines to go by if you’re in the position to break someone’s heart or hurt them emotionally. I’ll refrain from using any vulgar language although some of these points might be better made to some people if I did.

  1. Be a man or woman about it and tell them yourself. Face to face if possible. If not, then a serious conversation via phone or text if necessary. Do not let them find out via Facebook or Instagram. Do not let them hear it through the grapevine. It needs to come from you. Don’t be stupid about it and hide like a little baby. You made this decision so you need to own up to it and let them know. It hurts worse finding out via social media or another source and not from you, trust me.
  2. Do NOT ghost them. Disappearing with no real explanation is awful. And what’s even more awful about ghosting someone is that it makes them feel like they were never worth your time or energy and you’re just throwing them out like used garbage. Like I said, man or woman up and deal with the mess you made. Otherwise, you’re just a coward.
  3. If they have questions, ANSWER THEM. Don’t be rude and just cut it off. If you were talking to this person and claiming to care about them or if you were in a relationship – you owe them your time and answers. Closure is important to most people.
  4. Listen to what they have to say. They may be angry, they may be hurt, or maybe they’ll be hurt but understand. Maybe they’ll want to be friends or maybe they won’t. Maybe they put so much time in caring about you that they just need to know they weren’t a total failure and that’s why you’re walking away.

So just keep these things in mind if you’re ever in a position to hold someone’s heart in your hand or even just their emotions. Respect them, own up to your decisions and be kind. It makes it a lot easier on everyone.



Autumn is one of my all time favorite times of year so when I saw this tag I just had to do it. I got this from Katy so be sure to check out her post too!

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

When the leaves start to change color and fall, the air gets a bit cooler and of course when all the seasonal decor, drinks and food start coming out.

What is your favorite Autumn scent?

Probably either the smell of pumpkin bread or pie baking, a good stew or casserole, or just the crisp fall air.

What is your favorite Autumn color?

Either burnt orange or sage green.

Are you a fan of a PSL (pumpkin spice latte)?

I am! But they do make them pretty sweet so it’s hard to finish one these days. But I get mine decaf with almond milk.

What is your favorite Autumn drink? 

Mulled wine! Or hot caramel apple cider.

What’s your favorite coffee shop and their drink of choice?

Either a local coffee shop and a chamomile tea or Starbucks and either a pumpkin spice latte or a caramel apple cider.

Apple pie or Pumpkin pie?

I like both but if I have to choose its pumpkin pie all the way.

What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to in the next few months?

We just started watching A Million Little Things and Single Parents and so far we love them both. They seem like they’re going to be good shows.

What is your favorite Autumn fashion trend?

I love infinity scarves, cardigans and leggings and boots.

What is your favorite comfort food to enjoy in the colder months?

Stew or chicken pot pies are my go-to’s. I love a good crock-pot stew or soup. Coming home to the house smelling so cozy and yummy is amazing.

What is your favorite Autumn activity?

Going to a pumpkin patch, Halloween parties, or an evening walk crunching on leaves.

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Nope. Not one bit.

Do you ever do anything fun for Halloween? 

Halloween is my uncle’s birthday so we’ve always gotten together. But my Aunt throws a Halloween party every year close to the end of the month and that’s always fun.

What was your favorite part about Halloween as a child?

My costumes. I just loved making them as perfect as possible and my mom always really helped.

Are you a bigger fan of Bonfire night or Halloween?

I haven’t been to a bonfire in forever. I’d love to though!

Where is your dream destination to visit in the Autumn?

Colorado or Boston. I’ve been to both in the fall and they’re just absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

Do you always forget about the clocks going back?

All but one of my clocks are digital so they do it on their own.

When do you usually start preparing for Christmas?

After Thanksgiving, usually December first or the weekend before.

I’ll follow Katy’s lead and tag anyone who wants to do this tag!



For me, our wedding day flew by. I was up at 4:00am then took forever to get back to sleep. My parents made sure I ate even though I wasn’t exactly hungry (chalk it up to nerves..not about getting married but about everything going smoothly and all of the mingling I’d have to do). Then my girls started to arrive and I felt a little more at ease. Here are some of my favorite “getting ready” moments.

Taking a moment to capture this time and celebrate with my favorite ladies.

Petty [Getting Ready]-19Petty [Getting Ready]-21

Reading the letter Cody wrote me and trying not to cry and ruin my makeup.


Taking it all in, holding the flowers Cody had sent over…one of each of my favorites – a gerbera daisy and a rose, and already wearing my wedding gift from him – a Swarovski bracelet. He also sent my favorite chocolates over for me and my “beautiful bridesmaids” as the note said. So adorable. I gave him an all black Nixon watch and the special handkerchief I wrote about in an earlier post. Petty [Getting Ready]-2

Some details.

Petty [Getting Ready]-15Petty [Details]-7

The moment the purse that matched my dress completely broke and I, completely out of character, was fine. I just used the other purse I already had and didn’t sweat it. Definitely not normal for me. Same thing happened when my necklace broke. I was okay, it wasn’t the end of the world. Very strange, but I’m thankful that’s how I reacted on such a special day. I guess I knew that those weren’t the things that mattered. The love and celebration were what truly mattered. Petty [Getting Ready]-6

My bridesmaids helping each other get ready.Petty [Getting Ready]-10Petty [Getting Ready]-12


Taking down my dress. (This is when the nerves started to kick in.)Petty [Getting Ready]-45

My mom helping me into my dress.

Petty [Getting Ready]-63Petty [Getting Ready]-53

My mom and cousin who I grew up with like a sister putting in my veil. You can see the nerves have fully kicked in at this point by the look on my face. Fun fact: I put in her veil for her wedding this past May. Petty [Getting Ready]-69

It took forever to get this earring in – it just wouldn’t go! There are several more photos I won’t share that show the frustration and panic as my ear was bleeding and I’m desperately trying to stay on time and get the thing in. (I eventually got the earring on and all was well.)
Petty [Getting Ready]-82

My mom helping me put on my grandma’s ring. Petty [Getting Ready]-84

The moment my bridesmaids saw me in my dress for the first time. Their reactions were so sweet.

Petty [Getting Ready]-74Petty [Getting Ready]-72

My sister-in-law crying and saying a such sweet words to me. Petty [Getting Ready]-76

My mom telling my dad, “Wait until you see her.”

Petty [Getting Ready]-92

My dad’s reaction and hug. Petty [Getting Ready]-96

My mom loving watching my dad see me in my dress for the first time. Petty [Getting Ready]-97

My parents looking so happy and proud. Petty [Getting Ready]-106

Cody getting ready and looking so handsome. Petty [Getting Ready]-30

Our nephew Riley playing the game we got him and looking so cute in the suspenders we picked out for him. Petty [Getting Ready]-35

Cody’s cousin Devon looking like the boys were having a good time getting ready. Petty [Getting Ready]-38

Cody’s brother and best man getting ready. He really kept things together, helped Cody so much, gave a great speech and came through for us on our wedding day.

Petty [Getting Ready]-24

Cody wearing the watch I gave him.

Petty [Getting Ready]-41

My dad walking me out and helping me into the limo.


Okay, I’m ready for some more champagne!

On the way to the venue! Limo fun with my favorite ladies!



Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

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