To have a first look, or to not have a first look…that was our question.

Originally we were both adamant that we did not want a first look. Cody really wanted the first time he saw me to be when I was walking down the aisle, and I really wanted to  do on of those moments where we hold hands on either side of a door and talk to each other before the ceremony.

But with the time of our wedding and the time of year, we knew we wouldn’t get any sunset or photos in any daylight for that matter if we didn’t see each other first and take our newlywed and group photos before the ceremony. We eventually were convinced to do a first look and I am so glad we did because the photos we got afterwards were so worth it.

Our “first look” itself was sweet, but super awkward to be honest. Just because we’d both been rushing around all day and we had a photographer and an assistant right there with us and we didn’t really know what to say. We did get some really cute photos out of it though, and it was such a special moment that we will treasure forever.

Petty [First Look]-4Petty [First Look]-7Petty [First Look]-15Petty [First Look]-9Petty [First Look]-20Petty [First Look]-14


Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

Venue: Murrieta’s Well

Florist: Jinger & her team at The Flower House

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Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything I ever could have wanted. We spent months creating the vibe, picking out linens, searching for accents and details to pull it all together, and it was well worth it. You’ve already seen the cake and the special lantern and other sentimental pieces, but here’s a look at some of the other details that made our special day come together.

We were married in front of the barrel room doors at Murrieta’s Well. We had drapery on either side of the door – both inside and out, and barrels with flower arrangements to frame the altar and the aisle. I knew from the beginning I wanted lanterns – so here you can see the candlelit lanterns lining the aisle with rose petals and small pumpkins that we had spray painted gold (after all, it was October). Jinger and her team at The Flower House did an amazing job with all of the flowers – I couldn’t have been happier with them.

Petty [Details]-14Petty [Details]-16

We had an amazing string trio from An Elegant Touch of Strings that played songs we chose as our guests arrived and also played for our ceremony.

Petty [Ceremony]-1.jpg

We had a gorgeous welcome sign from The Rustic Earth that no hangs in our bedroom. We had it framed with flowers on one corner. The longer lantern you see next to the sign was where we had people put any cards they brought (keeping with the rustic lantern theme). We painted the top gold to stick with our color scheme. Petty [Details]-17

We made our own guest book through Shutterfly, so it had photos of us throughout the years all through the book with areas for guests to sign. It was more personal and turned out really cute. We found gold frames for things like the gift table, guest book, the special lantern, etc., and I just made the signs myself to go in them. Petty [Details]-20

We also had programs that matched our invitations, both from MintedPetty [Details]-21

When I walked into the barrel room where our reception was to be held, they were still setting up, but most of it was done and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry. It was a dream come true. Every single detail was perfect and magical and exactly the rustic, romantic, chic vibe I wanted.

Then there was our sweetheart table…exactly how I envisioned it. Sparkly champagne gold table-cloth, the wine barrels with flower arrangements moved inside after the ceremony and the drapery in the background. We had a vase for my bouquet, Mr & Mrs signs from Amazon, our special champagne glasses my parents gave us, and a small front garland with tucked in flowers. All completed with the lanterns and pumpkins moved inside and in front of our table and sparkly Bride & Groom signs hung on the backs of our chairs. Petty [Details]-36

Petty [Reception]-21.jpg

We had our immediate family sit together right in front of our sweetheart table – two families coming together as one. We chose to use the beautiful farm tables at Murrieta’s Well and our florist made a garland with tucked in flowers to go all the way down the center. It was breathtaking. The gold bags on this table and any others, were placed where kids were seated. We had some goodies in there as a little treat and to keep them occupied during the speeches and dances. A coloring book my mom had put together, play dough, crayons, etc. Petty [Details]-33

The rest of the tables were draped in eggplant purple tablecloths with wooden box flower arrangements in the center. The flowers had the table numbers sticking out of the top that we had ordered from ThistleAndLaceShop.Petty [Details]-40

And of course there was the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen, as well as the Kate Spade cake cutting set my parents had gifted us that we had engraved with our names and wedding date.

Petty [Details]-30.jpg


And our favors? An assortment of cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies tucked into these adorable personalized bags from DetailsonDemand that read “A sweet ending to a new beginning” , tied with purple and gold bows. Petty [Details]-57

And then there’s our rings. The band I picked out to match my engagement ring, and Cody’s simple yet slightly detailed band. We picked them out in one day, just fell in love with them and knew they were the perfect choices. We purchased them through Shane Co., the same place Cody had bought my engagement ring. Petty [Details]-52

I could live in that day, that vibe forever. I feel so lucky to have had the help of my parents, now husband, wedding coordinator through Wente, the staff at Murrieta’s Well and my bridal party along the way. Without their help and input, this gorgeous wedding wouldn’t have come together as beautifully as it did.


*Vendors linked throughout post

Location: Murrieta’s Well

Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

Florist: Jinger & her team at The Flower House

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Our rehearsal was both nerve-wracking and fun. We finally had our entire wedding party (all but one) together again and everything was suddenly becoming so real. Sitting with the day-of coordinators and going over all of our details and what we brought and how things were going to go was so surreal. We had spent a year and a half planning this wedding and it was finally about to happen.

I of course, was so excited I had a personalized Snapchat filter made for the occasion from MistyMossDesigns.

Here’s a shot of us arriving to the venue.


I was starting to get nervous so we took the rehearsal part very seriously. I wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable with their part – including Cody and I.

We went through the whole thing about three times, just to make sure we had it down.

And we had some fun with family.23131726_1958733437472039_4423629068046284644_n

And there was some goofing around of course.23131691_1958733584138691_1951825601084526063_n

And lots of love to go around.23130870_1958734490805267_1186313416363130180_n23032897_1958733520805364_9174502746755208163_n23167871_1958735514138498_4262065474652441019_n

Here’s a shot of all of us, excited and ready to head out for dinner to celebrate!22815583_1943714385640611_3108462648613188184_n

A few of us headed to an arcade to play some games to kill time, while others stopped by their hotel. But then we all met up at Campo di Bocce for our rehearsal dinner. When we arrived it was decorated so sweetly and my parents even had a personalized bottle of wine for us! We are saving it for a very special occasion.


The food and service were amazing and everyone had such a great time. Speeches were made, we gave our bridal party their gifts and we spent the evening celebrating our love and our loved ones being there with us.


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There were a few extra special things that we had in our wedding (besides my something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue). Mostly sentimental and very important to us.

The first was having our florist wrap the pearl necklace my grandma had given me around my bouquet. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know how much I miss her and how important it was to me to feel like I had her with me on my wedding day. Jinger did a great job and it turned out perfect.

Petty [Details]-10

Cody’s mom passed away and he was very close with her. Thanks to Becca Bristow’s Etsy Wedding Finds video, I was able to find Anne, TheQuiltLabelLady who was a dream to work with. I snuck a photo of a birthday card his mom had given him (not an easy task) and Anne was able to embroider the words she wrote at the end in his mother’s handwriting. I was blown away and he absolutely loved it. I wanted him to have a piece of her close to his heart because I knew it was tough for him not having her there. He wore this in his jacket pocket instead of the one he had rented.

Petty [Getting Ready]-26

We obviously had a few people missing – some of the closest being Cody’s mom, my grandma, one of my grandpa’s and one of Cody’s cousins. We didn’t want to make it a sad day or draw major attention to a sad topic, but we really wanted these special people to be recognized as being there with us in spirit. So we had a lantern lit in their honor and the sign you see below next to it. It turned out lovely.

Petty [Details]-18

For the Father’s Day before our wedding, I gifted my dad these cuff links from LuxeGiftsCo to wear on the big day. One said “Forever your little girl ♥” and the other read “Father of the Bride 10.27.17” He loved them and they looked great.

Petty [Getting Ready]-109

Petty [Getting Ready]-110

Also, the Mother’s Day before our wedding I gifted my mom the Alex and Ani Mother of the Bride Charm Bangle. She had seen it before and I knew she’d love it and she ended up wearing it to wedding planning meetings, my bridal shower – any wedding related event really, and then on the day of our wedding as well. She clearly loved it.

I wanted to give my soon-to-be Father-in-Law something special as well. So along with the gift we gave him I gave him something special just from me. (We gave both our parent’s a gift and a card as a huge thank you for all of their love and support throughout this journey.) I found the perfect gift at Target that sent the exact message I wanted:  The White ‘To My New Dad’ Wedding Favor Hankie. He loved it and I was so happy with it.


Cody loves football. He was on our high school’s team and was even named All League Kicker one year. So we thought we’d have some fun and instead of a regular garter toss, he put my garter on a football and threw that to the bachelors at the party. It was perfect.

Petty [C+T]-31.jpg

What extra special or sentimental things did you have or are you planning to have at your wedding? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below!


*Vendors linked throughout post

Professional Photography: Karey at Hazy Lane Studios

Florist: Jinger & her team at The Flower House

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My mom threw my bridal shower with the help of my sister-in-law and aunt. It was covered in pink, glitter and glam. It was so pretty.

The invitations were sweet and girly, thanks to my mom.

Picture1 edited

The decor and the food followed the lovely pink theme and blew me away when I walked in. My mom, aunts, sister-in-law, cousin, and even my uncle and one of my mom’s friends all pitched in to make this the most perfect and beautiful bridal shower ever. I could not be more grateful for all of the work they put into it.

My future uncle and officiant even made this welcome sign!


My mom had each of my bridesmaids write something about me and hung them all up. It was so sweet it almost made me cry. DSC_1420


My mom made a gorgeous banner, glued mini veils onto some “Dazzling Diamond” hand sanitizer and had pretty wrapped candles as party favors. My sister-in-law even had a photo from our engagement shoot blown up as a decoration and gift.


Then there was the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen (besides our wedding cake).

There were also wedding dress cookies made by my mom’s friend Donna and chocolate covered strawberries picked up by my aunt.

And then my childhood bestie surprised the heck out of me by flying in from Colorado with her mom to come to my shower since she was pregnant and her due date was too close to my wedding to attend. I was shocked that everyone kept this secret – even Cody! This honestly made my day.



There were of course games, including one where the bridesmaids had to make dresses out of tool & flowers. They actually didn’t turn out too bad!


And of course my cousin and I commemorated being engaged at the same time.


Then I opened some gifts and Cody came, flowers in hand and joined me for the rest of the gift opening and dessert. We were blown away by the love we received from everyone and felt so blessed to be gifted so many things from both on and off our registry that we really needed and loved.


Then there was this adorable sign! Everyone who came took a photo with me, but here are just a few of my mom, bridesmaids and aunts.


It was such a lovely party and it turned out stunning. I loved having all of my favorite ladies with me, my best friends, family, future family, even my 2nd and 6th grade teachers! I felt so loved and so grateful to have these women in my life and to help me celebrate my upcoming wedding.



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